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Support Service Contracts

For businesses with high pressure environments, fully dependent upon their IT systems, we offer a support service with a service level agreement (SLA) and technical resources sufficient to meet the business’s needs.

Prior to proposing the service level appropriate for your business, our engineers will audit your systems. This will highlight any system weaknesses, which can be addressed either as separate projects or as part of the SLA. It will also provide our engineers with up-to-date knowledge of the systems and configuration, which is important in providing a rapid response, and efficient resolution for any issues that may arise.

Our support service contracts include proactive advice and monitoring, which help our clients avoid expensive downtime and unnecessary outages. For example, most routine IT emergencies can be avoided by following advice, security warnings and alerts, and by undertaking pre-emptive maintenance.

Our service level agreements are designed by lawyers but provided by skilled engineers. This means that our claims are cautious, and yet our engineers normally resolve issues far more quickly than the SLA requires. Our monthly service reports will enable you to check these statistics.

Pay-As-You-Go Support Service

In less demanding environments, or where smaller organisations are challenged for IT expenditure, our Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) support service is popular. Pre-purchase a number of hours and then make a support request for individual issues, as required, which may be once a month or once a year!

Where internal staff already have good IT knowledge, our Pay-As-You-Go service provides the further resources when you need them. Only use the PAYGO hours for technical issues where internal staff are unable to resolve them.

And if your business outgrows the provisions of a PAYGO service, then you can move freely to a support service contract – without penalties or delays.